Need more than just training?
We help you deploy GIS in new and creative ways.

Success in GIS relies on skilled staff, working with quality data, in defined and repeatable workflows. We help you analyze and realign key GIS workflows, data management practices, and decision support processes, at enterprise and project levels. When you’re busy and need help, we lend a hand. When you’re due for a revamp, we bring fresh eyes and seasoned perspectives - leading requirements analyses, conducting readiness studies, streamlining and automating key workflows, adding tools, and wrapping it all in an easy-to-use interface. Prefer to do it yourself? We offer a workshop that shows you how to conduct workflow mapping, workflow modeling, and requirements analysis to define and align new tools and processes. We also teach facilitation skills geared to GIS/IT planning and change management.

GIS Services and Training - Your Site or Ours

  • On-call, peak and project-oriented GIS support
  • Geoprocessing, analysis, and automation Using ModelBuilder
  • Map making and cartography - templates, map books, data-drive pages
  • Applied and customized training and workshops
  • Learning while doing workshops - get real work done in the classroom!
  • GIS coaching / one-on-one / small groups

Geospatial Data Management & Consulting

  • Geodatabase design / development / data model tuning
  • Data process mapping / data process improvement
  • Strategic planning / change planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Policy, procedures, and standards development
  • Knowledge and process transfer
  • Stewardship training / data management and handling

GIS Workflows and Custom Applications

  • GIS workflow and requirements analysis
  • Automating complex iterative workflows (geoprocessing, ModelBuilder, ArcPy, Python…)
  • Developing custom applications, tools and extensions (custom programming)
  • Strategic planning and problem solving at enterprise, project and team-levels



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