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Applied Training Is Best

Students learn and retain more when working with familiar data and workflows. This is especially true in complex science and engineering environments where GIS can read like a foreign language. That’s why our classes feature your data and workflows in Land and Natural Resource Management, Forestry, and Petroleum/PL/EHS. Starting with the first classroom lecture and exercises, you’ll gain key skills and perspectives that you can apply right away.

We don’t stop at ArcGIS. Why should you?

Consider adding foundational workshops, for example: Understanding Coordinate References Systems (location, location, location!) and Locating and Using Data from the Internet (avoiding the gotchas!). Include your data standards, workflows, and protocols in classes. Consider an innovative “learning while doing” workshop – why not get real work done in the classroom? Add team-building, strategic planning, and more. Imagine brushing-up on your ArcGIS skills in a workshop that doubles as a neutral ‘discussion platform’ designed to draw-out new workflows and protocols supporting a complicated new project or initiative.

We make it easy. We make it effective. We make it work for you.



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